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legal notice

Pursuant to the duty to inform specified in article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society and e-Commerce Services, you are hereby informed that the URL (hereinafter the PORTAL) is a domain owned by Kerim Ekal (hereinafter nuur), registered address Süthers Garten 10, 45130 Essen (Germany), and holder of Tax Identification Code DE310130087.
All the brands, trade names and distinctive symbols of any type that appear in the PORTAL are the property of nuur or of third parties. Accessing or using the website and/or services does not confer the user any rights whatsoever to the aforementioned brands, trade names and/or distinctive symbols.
The content published on the website, its graphic design, images, databases and source code are likewise the intellectual property of nuur or of third parties. Pursuant to the provisions of this Legal Notice, the user is not conferred any rights of use which exist or may exist regarding the aforementioned contents beyond that which is strictly necessary for correct use of the PORTAL and the services offered through it.
Accessing this website is the sole responsibility of users. Merely accessing the PORTAL does not constitute any kind of business relationship between nuur and the user. By accessing the PORTAL, the user accepts the following terms and conditions.

privacy policy

This policy applies to the website (hereinafter the PORTAL) and to all goods and services offered via Internet by Kerim Ekal (hereinafter nuur). This document summarises the type of personal data received and compiled by the company when the website services are used. In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, all personal data given via the PORTAL shall be included in manual and/or computerized files, for which nuur is responsible, for the purpose of administrative management of our customers, suppliers, subscribers, job applicants, users, etc., and in order to send them business information which may be of interest. Likewise, personal data may also be passed on to other companies in the sector whenever so required specifically to fulfil the aforementioned ends. Thus, when registering as a User in the PORTAL, the individual to whom the data corresponds gives their express consent for their personal data to be processed and, where appropriate, passed on for the purposes described above.
We envisage using cookies, logs, links and other technologies in order to save user preferences with a view to improving the quality of our services, ensuring the technical operation of the network, and developing new and better services. If cookies are disabled or denied, some of the PORTAL features and/or services may not function correctly.
The PORTAL has no control over the websites displayed as a result of searches, links or accesses from our directory. Such websites may use their own cookies or request personal data.
nuur informs Registered Users of their option to exercise their rights of access, deletion, correction and opposition regarding their personal data held in COMPANY files. This they may do in writing, enclosing proof of identity, addressed to: nuur, Süthers Garten 10, 45130 Essen (Germany).
The aforementioned users are only authorised to use the PORTAL provided that they accept and comply with the terms and conditions herein stated, and shall leave the website if this is not the case.

general terms and conditions of use

These General Terms and Conditions of Use for the services offered at URL (hereinafter the PORTAL) are subscribed by the domain owner Kerim Ekal (hereinafter nuur), whose contact email is:
USERS are considered as individuals with the capacity validly to enter a contract in accordance with the applicable legislation.
You may not use the website or accept the Terms and Conditions if:
You are not of age and may not enter a binding contract in accordance with law, or
You do not fulfil the condition of USER as described.
To use the PORTAL, you must accept these general terms and conditions (hereinafter the Terms and Conditions) and also the particular stipulations regarding use and/or contracting of specific services. If you do not, you must leave the PORTAL.
You may accept the Terms and Conditions:
By clicking on the acceptance of Terms and Conditions button when presented with this option in the user interface, or
By effectively using the website. You acknowledge and accept that using the PORTAL shall be considered as accepting the Terms and Conditions.
The USER is advised to read these terms and conditions carefully. You may save them or print them off if you so wish.
These terms and conditions shall apply to all the goods/services contained in the website
The documents listed below are understood as included in these Terms and Conditions as referred to:
Legal Notice
Privacy Policy
The PORTAL offers services available to all visitors to it, and restricted services solely accessible to current or future Registered USERS.
Use of the services offered by the website is subject to prior acceptance and fulfilment of the Terms and Conditions by the USER.
Where applicable, the condition of Registered USER is acquired by filling in the Registration form on the website. The data therein submitted shall be held in nuur database and shall be used as described in the Privacy Policy.
The use of the services offered on the website is free of charge, except where otherwise specified for services whose cost is stated in the “Specific Conditions of Contracting”.
Personal data submitted via the PORTAL shall be included in manual and/or computerised files, for which nuur is responsible, for the purposes described in the terms and conditions stated in the Privacy Policy, included in these Terms and Conditions of Use as referred to in this section.
Where applicable for the prices shown, the “Specific Conditions of Contracting” state whether they are inclusive or exclusive of VAT, the complete purchasing and payment process and the full conditions of contracting goods or services.
The services offered by the PORTAL for most users are free and merely for information purposes, therefore no action is required to terminate them, the user merely stops visiting the PORTAL.
As regards restricted access services where these exist, the user shall exercise the right to have their personal data held in nuur files removed. The procedure for doing so is described in the Privacy Policy.
8.1. The PORTAL:
Shall not be liable, directly or subsidiarily, for:
Quality of service, since it is offered “as is” and nuur does not offer any warranties regarding same.
Any damage caused to USERS’ equipment by use of the PORTAL.
Flaws and defects of any type in the content transmitted, broadcast, stored or made available.
nuur is responsible for changes to prices of goods/services offered and for notifying users/customers within the shortest time possible via personal communication or by updating the contents of the PORTAL.
8.2. The USER:
The user/customer shall be liable for:
The data and information submitted and sent to nuur via the forms available.
Any type of illicit acts that are damaging to rights, harmful and/or detrimental.
This website in its entirety: text, images, brands, graphics, logotypes, buttons, software files, combinations of colours, structure, selection, ordering and presentation of content, source and object codes; are the property of nuur or of third parties and their reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation are prohibited unless for personal and private use, the USER being bound to respect the stipulations of the Legal Notice contained in the PORTAL included in these Terms and Conditions as referred to in this section.
Minors shall request and obtain permission from their parents, guardian or legal representative before accessing the content hosted in the PORTAL. Unauthorised minors are prohibited from accessing and using the portal.
nuur reminds users of age who have minors in their charge that they are solely responsible for determining which services and/or content are appropriate for said minors; and informs them that there are software applications for restricting browsing by means of filtering or blocking specific content.
These Terms and Conditions are written in Spanish and are subject to prevailing Spanish law. In the event of any type of dispute arising from use of the services offered or the content of the portal, the parties, accepting these Terms and Conditions, shall have recourse to the Courts of Law in the locality where nuur has his registered offices.
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is considered invalid or non-executable, said provision shall be removed and the remaining clauses shall remain in force. Section titles are solely intended for reference purposes and shall in no way be understood to define, limit, interpret or describe the field or scope of the section concerned.

data protection act

Your information will be included in a file that is responsible Kerim Ekal (hereinafter, nuur) in order to process your request and maintenance of professional and business relationships with you. Users whose data are processed may exercise their rights of access and information, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data on the terms specified in Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data in accordance with legally established procedures. These rights may be exercised by written communication, duly signed, accompanied by a photocopy of the DNI, to nuur, with the reference “Data Protection Act”. nuur, Süthers Garten 10, 45130 Essen.