nuur is a visualisation studio focused on
atmospheric imagery operating at the nexus of
art, architecture and concept design.

nuur means light. Light and shadow co-exist in everything.

They give life to the dream of your vision.

A vision we help you create to convince others to build those dreams.

Our images reveal the aesthetic connection between design and its environment.

Your designs speak with their own singular voice.

We help communicate the uniqueness of that voice.

Project requests

Please include some useful information for us, such as.


  • Projectname

  • Project start + Deadline

  • Type of project: Housing, urban, library, education

  • Type of work: Still image, animation, Panorama / VR

  • Scope of work: Competition, Marketing imagery, Presentation

For project requests pelase give us a call at or drop a mail to enquiries@nuur.nu

Joining nuur

We are always looking for artists to broaden our horizons. If you are feeling brave enough to join our team, send us your cv and portfolio to jobs@nuur.nu


Project requests: enquiries@nuur.nu

Job applications: jobs@nuur.nu

Telephone: +49 201 458 796 05

Instagram: @nuur_nu

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